Teach Your Veterinary Practice a New Trick with eSignatures | Scriptel Corporation Scriptel eSignature solutions help veterinarians modernize their document approval process and go paperless! Focus on Patients, Not Paperwork. Industry estimates show that for every $1 spent on printing, it costs $9 to manage what was printed. Modernizing your expensive paper processes allows you to: • Reduce errors, improve care delivery, and boost client satisfaction. • Maximize efficiency by eliminating the need to print, sign, scan, and file documents for signature capture. • Save money on paper, ink and toner, printer maintenance, and record storage and destruction. • Remove bulky file cabinets to reduce your physical footprint, and related overhead costs. Lower Cost. Premium Performance. Scriptel signature pads cost 30 to 40% less than the competition without compromising performance. Features include: • Windows and Linux support. • Battery-free tethered pen. • Modern USB interface end-to-end. • Real-time signature and events display. • Adobe PDF, Google Docs and Sheets, Word, and Excel and Open Office support. • Optically-clear static capacitive glass display. • Easy installation and quick setup. • Customizable device functions. Superior Quality, Service & Support. Scriptel is committed to the highest quality standards. Our signature pads are rated for more than 1 million signatures resulting in durability you can depend on for years to come. We also offer free, lifetime software updates, and unlimited support that includes our: • Industry leading 3-year warranty. • RapidCare overnight replacement service. • U.S. based manufacturing, service, and support. Successful Vet Software Integrations! • Henry Schein (http://henryschein.com). • IDEXX Neo (http://idexxneo.com). • 2i Nova Inc (http://www.2inova.com). About Scriptel. • 35 years industry expertise • 3 million+ solutions deployed worldwide • 100% U.S. manufacturing, service and support. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Scriptel has been the leader in capacitive pen digitizing since 1982. We're the only maker of electronic signature pads that uses capacitive sensing technology, the same technology used in smartphones. Our ScripTouch electronic signature pads and custom OEM components for the retail point-of-sale and digital workflow markets deliver rugged reliability with unrivaled support. Ready to teach your practice a new trick with eSignatures? Wondering if Scriptel is the right solution for you? Request your 30-Day Risk-Free Evaluation today!

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