Marketing White Paper

Tax Preparers and Paperless Technology

Grow Your Business & Bottom Line with eSignatures

B2B White Paper prepared by Scriptel Corporation, 2020

A Few
Ring True

Whatever the filing or e-filing deadline, tax preparers work hard to save their clients time and money. Today's savviest tax pros, in fact, save time and money of their own while growing their businesses in the office or on the go—by leveraging the best in paperless technology.

As an active presenter and supporter of leading tax prep events and conferences nationwide, Scriptel Corporation has met top-performing tax professionals who hail from Alaska and Nevada all the way to Vermont.

Each operates a unique business, sure, but a few trends always ring true:

  • When it comes to tax deadlines,
    these pros value efficiency.
  • When it comes to saving money,
    these pros are all for it.
  • When it comes to filing,
    these pros are going paperless.

If growing your tax business and bottom line makes sense, take a cue from the top performers. Boost your tax prep capabilities and productivity by adding an electronic signature (or "esignature") device to your tax prep toolkit.

By offering clients a digital signature option, you're then able to:

  • Capture eSignatures instantly.
  • E-file tax returns quickly & securely.
  • Streamline record storage & destruction.
  • Save time, toner & countless reams of paper.
  • Help taxpayers e-sign a range of documents (1040, etc.)

Online subscription services help. However, they typically charge one-time or monthly fees—plus a per-page rate that adds up with each digitally-signed page you send or receive.

Scriptel solutions are available with no subscription fees, no hidden fees, and no limits on the number of pages or popular file types you can send or receive. FREE unlimited domestic support and FREE lifetime software updates are included. Work outside of tax prep software, too, with our FREE plugins and apps for creating digital-signature Word, Adobe PDF, and Excel documents.

Those bonus features integrate seamlessly with Windows and Linux systems so that you can: Create, revise, and send fully-encrypted, electronically-signed tax documents via end-to-end USB interface from a WiFi-connected desktop or laptop computer.

With more titles on the way, Scriptel eSignature capture pads are currently optimized for use with:

TaxSlayer Pro
Intuit ProSeries

Scriptel Corporation upholds the highest security standards, leading the way as an electronic signature service provider and vendor of digital signature hardware and software for more than 35 years. Go paperless with us — growing your business and bottom line in the process!

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