Dublin City Schools Optimizes Student Registration with eSignature Pads


The Client

With more than 16,000 students enrolled in 2017-18, the Dublin City School District is the tenth largest district in the state of Ohio. Dublin City Schools works every day to provide their students with world-class instruction and a wellrounded education and to continuously improve in everything they do.

The Situation

The school district was transitioning from pen and paper signature collection to an electronic process. They needed eSignature pads that interfaced with Registration Gateway, the automation software they were using.

The Opportunity

SRC Solutions, Inc., the makers of Registration Gateway recommended Scriptel as the comprehensive solution to the school's needs.

The Decision

With this recommendation, as well as the benefit of Scriptel being a trusted local company, the school purchased Compact LCD ST1550 ProScript pads from Scriptel.

They chose these eSignature pads from Scriptel due to factors that include:

  • Easy to set up, "plug and play" technology
  • Durable, always reliable hardware
  • Scriptel is just miles away—making it easy to get new pads same day
  • Continuing technical support after purchase and implementation
  • Cost savings vs. competing products

“Implementation couldn't have been smoother. Everything was easy to use, right out of the box…”

—Scott Gill, Infrastructure Engineer, Coordinator of Student Information Services/EMIS; Technology Director, Dublin City Schools


Dublin City Schools is very happy with their decision to purchase eSignature pads from Scriptel and continues to find new ways to use them to benefit their students and faculty.

The Results


Easier Registration Process
Thanks to their new eSignature pads, student registration is a breeze—no more slow, outdated pen and paper process.


Local Support
Whenever the school wants new pads, they call Scriptel and receive them same day.


Future Initiatives Made Possible
The school plans to expand their use of eSignature pads for initiatives like 1:1 student environments and electronic stored records

Scriptel Hardware

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