Marketing White Paper

Signing an Adobe PDF?

We've Got a Plugin for That!

B2B White Paper prepared by Scriptel Corporation, 2020


Did you know?

Scriptel Corporation's ScripTouch Adobe Acrobat Professional plugin lets end-users of ScripTouch devices make easy work of signing and storing Adobe Portable Document Format files at the office or on the go.

The plugin supports Adobe Reader XI and DC—plus Adobe Acrobat XI and DC.

Fast, friendly domestic support comes standard. Money-minded business types will also be happy to know that this time-saving plugin is FREE when you purchase any Scriptel eSignature capture solution. The question we have is: What will you do with your plugin? A few ways to boosts productivity and efficiency with your Scriptel digital signature pad include:

  • Capture high-quality results.
  • Complete PDF-based tasks quickly.
  • Customize clients' PDF interface experience by adjusting signature size, style and thickness.

Why a ScripTouch plugin for Adobe? Whether working from office or home, the chance you'll need to have clients complete and sign PDF files remotely is high. SlideShare listed Adobe Acrobat products among its list of 10 "Most Popular Business Software" apps. That's because they're routinely used to manage, print, manipulate, create, and view documents.

While we don't equip you with Acrobat Reader, you can download it as freeware directly from Adobe. Then use our eSign technology to hasten turnaround and make doing business easier:

  • Recoup time spent printing and scanning.
  • Reduce overall office/business expenses.
  • Store client signatures and files digitally.

One quick download is all it takes.

Sign PDFs for free with Scriptel!

We Have a Plugin for That, Too!

Scriptel's hardware and software solutions—and plugins—are proven to help get the job done more efficiently. If our rugged, reliable digital signature pads are the opening bid, our plugin for Adobe ups the ante!

Make easy work of doing what's necessary to stay ahead of your competition. All of our plugins are offered 100% FREE of charge. That means no subscription fees, no hidden fees, and no limits on the number of pages you'll be able to send and receive with your purchase of a Scriptel enterprise solution. See a full list of available apps at

Our most popular plugins are integrated for use with:

  • Adobe: PDFs
  • Google: Docs, Sheets
  • Microsoft: Excel, Word
  • Apache OpenOffice: Calc, Writer

Scriptel offers integrated plugins for specialized apps, too:

  • Epic
  • Kofax SignDoc

Our capture pads cost less than the competitor's yet are compatible with a full range of software titles and apps. Unlimited domestic support and lifetime software updates are included. (Again: 100% FREE of charge.) Whether you work alone or need to outfit an entire team, the time has come. Explore your options in Scriptel electronic signature—aka eSign—devices.

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