7 Reasons to Simplify Your Workflow with Paperless Signing Signing on the Dotted Line in the Digital Age.For centuries, 'signing on the dotted line' meant putting pen to paper. However, like many other aspects of life, signatures have undergone an electronic revolution. Today, 'ink on paper' is no longer the only option for authorizing documents. Enter electronic signatures (eSignatures). Electronic signature capture technology allows digital documents to be approved/authenticated with a handwritten signature. While a variety of eSignature methods exist, a handwritten electronically captured signature is considered the best option to replace a traditional ink on paper or 'wet signature.' Capturing signatures electronically expedites signature collection, modernizes the document approval process, and enables a complete paperless workflow. Read on to discover 7 reasons to simplify your workflow with paperless signing... 1. Increase Operational Efficiency. As businesses increasingly replace paper documents with digital versions, it is nearly impossible to achieve an efficient digital workflow that relies on paper and wet signatures. Eliminate four steps in the digital workflow process, and modernize your workflow, by transitioning to a paperless process. With electronic signatures, you can manage your business instead of managing paper. 2. Boost Productivity. Did you know that a typical employee spends 30% to 40% of their time looking for information locked in filing cabinets? eSignatures enable more efficient document management, resulting in less time spent sorting, filing, and searching for files. In other words, electronic signatures allow your employees to leave the paperwork hassles behind, and focus on what matters the most—your customers. 3. Reduce Costs and Save Time. Printing documents 'just to have them signed' wastes valuable time and money. Why? As we mentioned above, processing paper documents is time intensive, and adds several steps to your workflow. In fact, it costs around $20 in labor to file each paper document: If filed incorrectly, the average organization spends approximately $120 in labor searching for a lost document . Even worse, if it cannot be found, it costs $220 to recreate each document. In addition, eSignatures can dramatically reduce the cost of consumables such as: • Paper • Pre-printed forms • Ink and toner • Printer maintenance • Record transport, storage, and destruction. 4. Improve Customer Experience and Satisfaction. In today's ultra-connected world, consumers simply expect a digital experience. In fact, businesses who rely on outdated paper-based processes risk falling behind their competition. To attract and retain customers, modernizing your document approval process balancing personalized service with speed and convenience is key. eSignatures create a streamlined experience for your customers, accelerating document authorization, resulting in faster, easier transactions. 5. Save Physical Space. No doubt about it, bulky file cabinets take up a lot of space. Entire rooms have been dedicated to storing paper documents. This precious resource becomes an expense instead of contributing to the bottom line when used for document storage. eSignatures enable completely digital documents, allowing their contents to be neatly organized on a hard drive, eliminating the need for file cabinets. As a result, organizations can shrink their physical footprint, and reduce related overhead costs. Or, old file rooms can be converted into new offices, meeting space, lounges, etc. 6. Go Green. Despite efforts to go paperless, data shows that paper consumption in offices continues to rise. The following statistics illustrate just how alarming this trend is: • The average office worker still uses a staggering 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year. • 350 million print cartridges are disposed of in landfills annually worldwide. eSignatures allow your organization to achieve a truly paperless workflow that is eco-friendly. Less paper means fewer trees harvested and less waste produced by your organization. In addition, being a green business can improve your image and attract environmentally-conscious customers. 7. Prevent Document Loss. For organizations relying on paper records, a fire or flood can be devastating. In fact, over 70% of today's businesses would fail within three weeks if they suffered a catastrophic loss of paper-based documents due to a disaster. Digital records with electronic signatures can be stored on servers or in the cloud, allowing businesses to keep critical records safe, to restore operations quickly, and to make the disaster recovery process more manageable. Time to Simplify Your Workflow with Paperless Signing? Using ink to sign a paper document is quickly becoming a thing of the past. As organizations large and small work to digitize their processes, the transition to eSignatures is critical to achieve a truly paperless workflow. Simply put, digital documents and electronic signatures are essential for businesses that wish to remain competitive. Scriptel is committed to helping you power your paperless future with innovative electronic signature capture solutions. Our products are designed to help you modernize your document approval process, and transition to a completely paperless workflow. Our seamless process allows you to capture signatures quickly and easily, while providing your customers with the best possible signing experience. About Scriptel: 35 years industry expertise; 3 million+ solutions deployed worldwide; 100% U.S. manufacturing, service and support. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Scriptel has been the leader in capacitive pen digitizing since 1982. We're the only maker of electronic signature pads that uses capacitive sensing technology, the same technology used in smartphones. Our ScripTouch electronic signature pads and custom OEM components for the retail point-of-sale and digital workflow markets deliver rugged reliability with unrivaled support. Ready to power your paperless future? Wondering if Scriptel is the right solution for you? Request your 30 Day Risk-Free Evaluation today! Our corporate website: scriptel.com. Our eCommerce website: eScriptel.com. For more information: (877) 848-6824.

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