Repairs are only offered by Scriptel directly to the customer. The customer pays shipping to and from Scriptel unless the unit is covered by RapidCare.

Cosmetic damage to the unit is not covered under the warranty after 30 days from the warranty date of record. A customer can request cosmetic repair using the same procedure as a regular repair request (see below).

Warranty Repair

If no fault is found:
The customer is charged a $10 minimum fee. Packaging will be changed if needed for shipment back to the customer. RapidCare coverage is not affected.
If there is a fault which is covered under warranty:
The repair is free of charge and RapidCare coverage is not affected.

Non-Warranty Repair

If there is a fault not covered under warranty: The customer is charged either $40 or $80 depending on the level of repair:

$40 Minor repair
Covers any one of pen replacement, USB cable replacement, sticker replacement, or firmware upgrade. Includes a thorough system check.
$80 Major repair
Covers replacement of sensor, LCD, main board, plastics, MSR or two or more items in the minor repair category.
Important to Note:
RapidCare coverage ends after a non-warranty repair.

Repaired Units

Repaired units are functional and get a 1-year warranty from the date that they are shipped back to the customer.

Requesting Service

  • Customers who need repair request it here:
  • Please include the serial number of your unit.