Repairs are only offered by Scriptel directly to the customer
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The customer pays shipping to and from Scriptel unless the unit is covered by RapidCare.

Cosmetic damage to the unit is not covered under the warranty after 30 days from the warranty date of record. A customer can request cosmetic repair using the same procedure as a regular repair request (see below).

Warranty Repair

If there is a fault which is covered under warranty: It is a free of charge repair and RapidCare coverage is not affected.

Non-Warranty Repair

Repairs are available from Scriptel for signature pads experiencing problems outside of the scope of the factory warranty. These repairs are capped at a cost of $80 plus shipping.

Requests for repairs can be submitted at the link below. Once a repair request is generated, a Scriptel employee will respond with shipping instructions. If desired, an estimated repair quote can be generated before shipping the unit.

If a fully functional unit is submitted for repair, an inspection fee of $10 will be assessed along with return shipping. In this case, Scriptel will make every effort to collaborate with the requestor to recreate the issue before determining that the unit is truly functional.

Repaired Units

All repairs include a 1 year manufacturing defect warranty.

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