The ProScript interface is a more traditional application programming interface that allows developers to create rich and powerful applications that integrate the ScripTouch family of products.

This interface allows you the flexibility to create rich and dynamic workflows for your applications to provide the best experience for your customers.

Signature Pad Computer USB
Example ProScript Integration

Two-Way Communication

This interface allows your application to instantly receive events from ProScript devices. This provides you with the ability to display signatures and events in real time which allows your application to appear polished and responsive.

Device Control

The ProScript API allows you to control the content displayed on the device. It is possible to rearrange buttons, push graphics, and modify the display of the device to customize how the device functions for your workflow. This provides you the ability to provide a polished integrated experience to your application.

Cross Platform

Our ProScript libraries (C, Java, and .NET) support Windows and Linux platforms.

Models with ProScript

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