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Scriptel provides the most reliable electronic signature capture solutions, at an affordable price. Our portfolio includes USB plug-and-play and wireless solutions. In addition to patient- and customer-facing signature capture, the same solutions can also be used for back-office workflow. Our simple architecture makes deployment and support easy.

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When your cleaning protocols demand the strength of Clorox Healthcare Solutions, SlimShield is designed to hold up, wipe after wipe, day after day.

Now your customers and patients can see what they are signing on a large, 11.6" screen without the need to print and laminate handouts.

Scriptel mSign is a signature capture application for Android and iOS mobile devices, and Web browsers.



Sign any Scriptel-integrated application.


Emulates our hardware products in software.


Every connection is end-to-end encrypted.

Other Software Solutions

Sign and Save - Sign Many Popular Apps for Free!

Scriptel Sign & Save

Sign documents in many popular formats. We have plugins for PDF, Word, Excel, G Suite, and more.

Touch Signing - Sign Many Popular Applications with your Finger!

Scriptel Touch Signing

Allowing you to sign electronically with a mouse or stylus, without the use of a signature pad!

Scriptel Remote - Built for virtualizations!

ScripTouch Remote

The perfect solution for difficult virtual connections, such as double-hops with mixed virtualization technologies.

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RapidCare provides advance replacement, with next business day delivery, within the continental United States in the event a device fails during it's warranty coverage period.

Scriptel Hardware

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