We don't need to brag. We let our customers do it for us!
Saves Time
Scriptel is saving at least 10 minutes on every signed consent, and we process a significant number of forms per day.
Matt Reams
Boice-Willis Clinic
Great Support
Scriptel's support during the buying and implementation process was great. They even bought one of the software clients we use so they could find solutions to issues we were having on our end.
Ernesto Jamison
University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine
Simple and Cost Effective
The Scriptel signature pads were easy to deploy, simple for our physicians and staff to use, and a cost-effective way for us to go paperless. I would recommend Scriptel to others.
Chaitanya Kancharana
RHA Health
Smooth Implementation
Implementation couldn't have been smoother. Everything was easy to use, right out of the box.
Scott Gill
Dublin City Schools
Highly Durable
The pads are highly durable, do not require batteries, and are completely plug-and-play.
Phillip Allen
East Carolina University's School of Dental Medicine
Easy to Implement
User-friendly interface, easy installation, improved patient flow, and higher patient satisfaction are why we are happy to have purchased Scriptel signature pads.
Staff Member
UPENN Dental Medicine
Plug and Play
Scriptel signature pads are extremely durable and 100% plug-and-play.
Andrew Mosio
University of Illinois at Chicago
Epic eSignature
We didn't know that there were other vendors out there who could offer us an Epic-compatible eSignature device.
Christine Reams
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Painless Installation
Implementation and installation was painless. Scriptel's plug-and-play USB solution lets us move the signature pad from computer to computer with no issues.
Kimberly Webster
Traverse City Health Clinic
Epic Compatible
At the time I wasn't aware of another vendor who manufactured eSignature devices that were compatible with Epic Software.
Jeremy Amend
Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Expert Support Team
We can't thank Scriptel's expert support team enough for their responsiveness throughout the entire process.
Kavya Kandula
Prime Healthcare
Current System Compatible
With Scriptel signature pads, we found a solution compatible with our current system and ready for the future upgrades to our IT infrastructure.
Brian Baum
University of Charleston in West Virginia

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