Virtualization is the process of creating a software version of a computer. This “virtual machine” acts like a complete computer. By doing this, useful IT services can be created using resources were traditionally bound to hardware. All Scriptel hardware products were designed to work with virtualization.

Virtualization Diagram
Virtualization Diagram

Scriptel hardware was designed to be compatible with the following virtualization interfaces.


For companies looking to increase IT agility and lower costs, Citrix offers some of the industry’s most comprehensive virtualization solutions. The Citrix Ready Program is a technology partner program that helping vendors develop and integrate their products with Citrix technology. Scriptel hardware and software has been certified Citrix Ready.


Microsoft’s hardware virtualization product is called “Hyper-V.” With Hyper-V, the isolation of the virtual machines avoids system crashes interfering in separate workloads and can give users and processes access to different systems safely.


Server virtualization with VMware uses a thin layer of software called a “hypervisor” to decouple virtual machines from the host. It also dynamically allocates resources to each virtual machine as needed.

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