Scriptel ScripTouch electronic signature pads feature two different device communication interfaces via the USB connection, EasyScript and ProScript.

In most cases, the application software that you are using will support one interface or the other, but not both. They each have specific objectives to assist software vendors to add electronic signature capture into their applications, whether these are installed on the local PC, or delivered from a server on a private network, from the cloud or via thin clients.

Scriptel offers extensive support to developers. If you are a developer you can read more information on the different ways to integrate ScripTouch signature pads into your application.


The Scriptel ScripTouch models ST1401, ST1476, ST1501, ST1526, ST1551, and ST1571 electronic signature pads use the EasyScript device interface. EasyScript is unique to Scriptel and uses keyboard emulation to transmit captured signature data. As USB keyboards are very standard and well-supported in all operating systems and browsers, this makes it possible to design pure cloud-based applications without client PC installs and without frequent updates to Java applets or ActiveX controls. This simplifies support significantly and makes true cross-platform applications possible.

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The Scriptel ScripTouch models ST1400, ST1475, ST1500, ST1525, ST1550, and ST1570 electronic signature pads use the ProScript device interface. ProScript is an interface that is more typical in the signature pad device industry. It uses generic HID drivers in the operating system to provide two-way communication and a rich set of features that not only capture signatures but also allow the display of custom graphics and management of complex multi-step user interactions via the signature pad. Applications that have embedded support for ProScript will manage the signature pad directly without any further software or drivers needed from Scriptel.

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