Electronic Signature Capture Modernizes Mail Room Security and Accountability


The Customer

The University of Charleston is a private accredited educational institution based in Charleston, West Virginia. Founded in 1888, the University grew to serve students on two campuses, statewide, as well as online students around the globe.

The Situation

The University of Charleston mailroom receives and sorts mail and packages for delivery to students, staff and faculty throughout the campus. Packages larger than a standard P.O. box must be retrieved in person at the main mailroom. When a package arrives, an alert informs the recipient with instructions on how to retrieve it.

The previous mailroom system was designed in the early 2000s to handle twenty to thirty packages per day. Due to the now booming e-commerce industry, the volume of incoming packages has raised to upwards of 150 parcels a day. This greater volume of packages, combined with the new need to verify recipients, track the chain of custody, and collect identifying information upon package pickup has led the IT Team to explore other options which included an customized solution written in-house.

The Solution

While researching potential solutions, Brian Baum, Senior Analyst and Developer, found Scriptel's ScripTouch signature pads online and reached out to them to learn more. Scriptel's sales team listened to his needs and recommended the ScripTouch Magstripe LCD signature pad featuring the ProScript interface (ST1525). Brian requested Scriptel's standard 30-day demo and found the flexibility of the ProScript interface allowed for easy integration into their current system without excessive development.

“Our legacy mail system was woefully outdated and we were concerned that our current pressure to modernize would force us to make an ill-informed decision. With Scriptel signature pads, we found a solution compatible with our current system and ready for future upgrades to our IT infrastructure.”

Brian Baum, Senior Analyst/Developer
at the University of Charleston


The process was simple and straightforward. Using example code provided by the Scriptel support team, Brian seamlessly integrated the signature pad without a major overhaul of their system. When issues and questions arose, Scriptel's domestically-based support team responded quickly, providing solutions within 24 hours.

After receiving the unit, Brian quesitoned whether the signature could be captured and stored in a database image field. After reviewing Scriptel's sample code, he found it was possible with only a few small and easy tweaks.

The university found additional benefits with Scriptel's products including:

  • Enhanced package handling and accountability
  • Expanded mailroom capabilities in handling increasing volume and demands
  • Added security
  • Better utilization of existing systems
  • A customizable solution extensible for future upgrades

The Results


Added Security and Accountability
A primary concern for the mailroom is properly identifying individuals retrieving packages. Swiping the university's ID through the Magstripe LCD's card reader enables the recipient to verify their identity, schedule their pick-up, or designate a third-party to retrieve it. This simple procedure adds layers of security and accountability to the current mailroom process.


Integrated Screensaver
As an added benefit, Scriptel pads can display static images as a screensaver. By setting the images on a timer, the signature pad displays the university's mascot dancing across the screen when not actively signing.


Easy Integration
The flexibility of Scriptel products allowed the University of Charleston to integrate the ST1525 into their existing system easily.

Based on its positive experience working with the Scriptel team, the university decided to order additional units.

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