Prime Healthcare Achieves Significant Cost Savings and Improved Performance with Scriptel's eSignature Pads


The Client

Operating 45 hospitals in 14 states, Prime Healthcare is the fifth largest for-profit healthcare service provider in the nation. Named "The Fastest Growing Hospital System" in the country by Modern Healthcare, Prime Healthcare's nearly 45,000 employees and physicians work every day to provide the highest quality healthcare.

The Situation

Jon Ault, Epic Client Systems Admin in Prime Healthcare's IT Department, attended the Epic Systems annual system round table conference where Epic, a leading provider of electronic health records software, included Scriptel as one of its supported vendors for eSignature hardware.

The Opportunity

Prime Healthcare was utilizing eSignature pads in most of their hospitals, however, with the addition of Scriptel as an Epic-supported vendor, Prime Healthcare decided to also explore Scriptel's product offerings. Kavya Kandula, IT Technical Manager, led the entire IT team in determining whether Scriptel's eSignature pads were compatible with Citrix and Epic, would reduce IT administrative burdens, and would fully support Prime Healthcare hospitals' daily signature workflow.

The Decision

Prime Healthcare selected the Scriptel Desktop LCD ST1500 in 2016 and has since transitioned to the backlit Desktop ST1500B, purchasing several hundred signature pads for use in more than 15 of its hospitals. The choice to move to Scriptel was based on several factors including:

  • Scriptel's superior quality, service and support
  • Ease of set up and configurability on the server side
  • Compatibility with Epic Systems platform
  • Price point offering vs. competition

“We can't thank Scriptel's expert support team enough for their responsiveness throughout the entire process. They always responded to our questions in a timely manner during the testing, buying and implementation process. We now plan to move forward in purchasing more pads for our hospitals.”

—Kavya Kandula, IT Technical Manager


The Results


Higher Patient Satisfaction
Patient signatures are captured quickly and easily with no disruption to the clinical setting workflow.


Seamless Integration
Scriptel's pads are simple to operate and are extremely reliable. Thanks to Scriptel's eSignature pads, Prime Healthcare's IT team spends a significantly less amount of time troubleshooting configuration issues.


Reduced Cost
Scriptel's eSignature pads are industry leaders in performance and quality, while costing up to 40% less than the competition.

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