Marketing White Paper

3 Steps to e-Signature Security

Protected: Electronic & Digital Signature Capture

B2B White Paper prepared by Scriptel Corporation, 2020

Is your e‐signature protocol secure?
Nearly every aspect of life is digitized thanks to expanding technology. Perks range from being able to respond to email from just about anywhere to streamlining processes for more efficient handling of day-to-day business functions. But where's the protection? One overlooked side effect of quicker response times and increased mobility is a need for robust e-signature security.
Scriptel Corporation — a trusted electronic signature service provider and digital signature hardware and software vendor — knows how critical security protocols are to maximizing your e-signature capabilities while helping to protect sensitive consumer data.

Level up in 3 easy steps:

  1. Start by confirming that your desired enterprise solution takes data security seriously, as well as being scalable and easy to integrate.
  2. Then assess whether the e‐signature platform uses industry‐standard encryption levels and capture biometric data capture.
  3. Finally, be sure that the partner organization's support staff can and will respond quickly to IT, developer, and other queries.
Scriptel's custom collaboration with University of Charleston
in West Virginia is a great example.
The private, accredited institution serves students locally and—thanks to e‐learning—globally. Senior Analyst/Developer Brian Baum contacted us for help updating UC mailroom security and accountability practices to keep pace with the e‐commerce needs of students, staff, and faculty. Baum said: "With Scriptel signature pads, we found a solution compatible with our current system and ready for future upgrades to our IT infrastructure." His ability to then seamlessly integrate a ScripTouch Magstripe LCD card reader‐equipped signature pad and ProScript interface—without the need to invest time or money in extensive development—resulted in:
  • Added Layers of Security & Accountability,
  • Better Utilization of Existing Systems, and,
  • Expanded On‐Site Capabilities
UC now uses our technology to manage chain of custody for all incoming packages. Partnering with Scriptel even helped its mailroom go paperless! Moreover, anytime Baum had a question, our domestic support team replied within 24 hours. All of that led UC to order our secure electronic signature software again. In the age of tech, it pays to ask: How can we simplify things while ensuring e‐signature security?

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