5 Differentiators That Make Scriptel Your eSignature Solution 'The Paperless Office' is not a new concept. However, today the trend towards using less paper in the workplace is again getting a lot of attention. Why? Driven in large part by the wide range of affordable, easy-to-use digital tools available, organizations of all sizes seek to achieve greater efficiencies and save money. As more businesses digitize their documents, electronic signature capture enables them to become truly paperless by eliminating the need to print, sign, and scan documents that require signatures. Enter Scriptel. Our innovative eSignature solutions are designed to help you modernize your document approval process, and transition to a paperless workflow. Our seamless process allows you to capture signatures quickly and easily, while providing your customers with the best possible signing experience. Scriptel is the solution that many organizations have selected to streamline their workflow while saving time and money. Read on to see why Scriptel might be the right solution for you. 1: Simple, Yet Powerful EasyScript API. The EasyScript API was built from the ground up to enable a simple and convenient way to capture electronic signatures from a wide variety of usages including web-based and traditional applications. This interface excels at providing an extremely simple and portable integration that does not require any software or drivers to be installed to run your application. EasyScript interface communicates with the computer as if it were a keyboard, providing a simple and portable integration while eliminating the need for plugins, software or drivers like Java applets or ActiveX controls to be installed to run your application, as nearly all devices support USB keyboards. Visit //scriptel.com/developers/easyscript/ to learn more. 2: Modern interface using strictly USB end-to-end. Scriptel signature pads are USB devices that are plug and play, allowing users to be up and running in minutes ready to capture signatures. Sturdy, durable, and reliable, our signature pads feature a single USB interface for power and data. 3: Lower Cost, Premium Performance. Scriptel signature pads cost 30 to 40% less than the competition without compromising performance—features include: • Verified Citrix Ready. • Windows and Linux support. • Integration with Thin and Thick clients. • Customizable device functions. • Real-time signature and events display. • Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop compatible. • Portable. • Wireless capability through our mSign software. • StaticCap™ Touch System. 4: Static Capacitive Glass Display. Static capacitive glass display panels provide the best optical performance available for an electronic signature pad. Our state of the art display resists scratches, spills and drops while providing: • Battery-free. • Active Digital Pen. • Standard USB Connection. • Optically-clear Static Capacitive Glass. 5: Superior Quality, Service and Support + Industry Leading Warranty. Scriptel is committed to the highest standards in excellence and performance. Manufactured exclusively in the United States, our signature pads are rated for more than one million signatures—resulting in durability you can depend on for years to come. We also offer: • Free, lifetime software updates. • Free integration support. • RapidCare Overnight Replacement Service. • Advanced support contracts available for enterprise customers. Top tier service and software integration support for Scriptel products is available by phone, via email, in person (by appointment) and on Twitter @ScriptelSupport. Visit //scriptel.com/support/ to learn more. Our warranty demonstrates our commitment to quality and testifies to the rugged reliability of our products. Depending on the product you purchased, you will be covered for either 2 or 3 years for any defects in the function of the signature pad. Visit //scriptel.com/support/warranty/ to learn more. Ready to Try Scriptel? Take advantage of our 30-day risk-free signature pad trial! We know it can be difficult finding the right signature pad to integrate. You need to spend some time with the product to make sure it is a fit for your project and would like a way to test our product's capabilities at a minimum of cost and effort. Our product demo program gives you: • Upfront evaluation cost savings. • 30-day demo evaluation. • Direct developer support from software engineers. • Option to keep the Demo Unit. About Scriptel. • 35 years industry expertise • 3 million+ solutions deployed worldwide • 100% U.S. manufacturing, service and support. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Scriptel has been the leader in capacitive pen digitizing since 1982. We're the only maker of electronic signature pads that uses capacitive sensing technology; the same technology used in smartphones. Our ScripTouch electronic signature pads and custom OEM components for the retail point-of-sale and digital workflow markets deliver high reliability with unrivaled support. Wondering if Scriptel is the right solution for you? Request your 30 Day Risk-Free Evaluation today! Scriptel Corporation. Enabling a paperless future. Our Corporate Website: scriptel.com. Our eCommerce Website: eScriptel.com. For More Information: info@scriptel.com | (877) 848-6824.

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