Cut the Cord, Go Wireless! Transform Your Mobile Devices into Signature Pads. mSign is a powerful, secure application that allows you to capture high-quality handwritten signatures on smartphones or tablets, making signature collection possible anywhere, wirelessly. Expedite the signature collection process. Eliminate additional USB hardware. Maximize efficiency on the go. Wireless Signature Pad Solution. Capture signatures through a supported Android or iOS device to sign in any Scriptel integrated application including: • Adobe PDFs • Word and Excel Documents • Google Docs and Sheets • Third-party Software • OpenOffice/LibreOffice Write and Calc Documents • Virtually any other application via an image file or TWAIN scanner input. Emulate a Scriptel Signature Pad. mSign allows a mobile device to behave exactly as a Scriptel signature pad with data transmitted over a WiFi or mobile data connection. mSign acquired signatures contain all the data normally captured from our signature pads along with: • End to end encryption for added security • Enhanced mode with color, different resolutions, sizes, and aspect ratios • Private or public network wireless communication • Multiple desktop connectivity • Real-time data transfer to Windows PC Ready to cut the cord and go wireless? Wondering if mSign is the right solution for you? Find out more and 
download a 90-day trial today: Our corporate website: Our eCommerce website: For more information: (877) 848-6824.

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