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Make Tax Filing Easy—on Yourself & Your Clients!

Scriptel eSign Solutions: A Tutorial for Tax Preparers

B2B White Paper prepared by Scriptel Corporation, 2020


Did you know?
Scriptel Corporation's eSignature capture pads are optimized for use with:

  • Drake Software
  • TaxSlayer Pro
  • Intuit ProSeries
  • CrossLink
  • OLT

If you're a fan of any of these major names in tax preparation, this tutorial was written just for you. Read on to find out how Scriptel solutions quickly and seamlessly make tax filings easier on you and your clients whether you work from home or remotely. Leverage the efficiency of Scriptel eSign technology today to: Increase your filing speeds, reduce paper waste, and avoid paying online subscription fees—capturing high-quality digital signatures instantly.

And leave the hassle of the error-prone "Print-Sign-Scan" process behind!

How Does Scriptel Save Me Time?

There's not enough time to go around. Not yet anyway. That's especially true if you're a professional tax preparer who's busy juggling multiple clients and looming tax deadlines. Scriptel eSignature solutions are, therefore, intentionally designed for fast turnaround and ease of use.

One end-to-end USB interface connection and you're up and running! Our plug-and-play hardware options, numerous plugins, and software solutions increase document filing speeds and overall productivity.

They do that by equipping you with a reliable, durable, digital signature pad that makes it simple to:

  • Collect eSignatures on the spot.
  • E-file tax documents quickly & securely.
  • Streamline records storage & destruction.
  • Simplify the signing of multiple documents (1040, etc.).

Create, revise, and send electronically-signed tax documents from any desktop or laptop computer via Wi-Fi. Give yourself the freedom to work outside of your tax prep software, too, with our free plugins compatible with PDF, Word, and Excel docs.

Tax filing made easy with Scriptel!

How Does Scriptel Spare Me the Hassle?

Something we hear from tax preparers who've yet to try Scriptel is: "I don't want to have to print out documents on paper, have my clients sign them, and then scan them back in. It's also a pain to have to store a ton of paperwork once those tax filings are complete. Can you help with that?"

While saving you time, Scriptel eliminates the hassle of doing business by letting you manage all of your client files electronically. Those digital files are then easier to store, organize, and locate. No need to make room for reams of copier paper or tax documents. You'll save on toner, as well.

How Does Scriptel Save Me Money?

We've saved you time, hassle, and a bit money. Now save on subscription fees! Online handling services charge monthly (or one-time) fees compounded by per-page rates which increase with every digitally-signed page they transfer. Scriptel solutions are offered with no subscription fees, no hidden fees, and no limits on the number of pages or popular file types you send and receive.

Unlimited support and lifetime software updates are also included free of charge. And although our capture pads cost less than the competitor's, both options are fully-compatible with the tax software apps listed above. So, explore your options! Whether you manage a solo operation or a team of 10 or more tax preparers, give Scriptel a try and experience the difference yourself.

Adding a Scriptel electronic signature, or eSign, device to your tax preparer toolkit is purposefully quick and cost-effective: You have better things to do! If you already use one of the integrated tax prep packages mentioned earlier, your transition will be seamless. If you use a software title not yet listed, tell us about it and we'll work on adding it to the mix.

For more on this topic, visit where you can access and download our free report "Tax Preparers and Paperless Technology: Grow Your Business & Bottom Line with eSignatures." To request a 30-Day, Risk-Free Trial of one of our popular eSignature capture pads, visit

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