“We have been using a expensive alternate product for years with PakLog that had somewhat of a monopoly in the market. Scriptel signature pads is great new option to provide to our customers a high quality signature pad that is very easy to implement.”

Mustafa Raja, Founder/Owner, Excercio, LLC

We are excited to announce that the new release of Excercio PakLog V5 has support for Scriptel Signature Pads. This makes PakLog and Scriptel the perfect combination for Package Delivery Management solutions, where you need to capture delivery recipient signatures to assure that proper verification and liability release is recorded.

Scriptel Signature pads offer high quality and easy to install and use digital signature capture with PakLog. This increase overall customer satisfaction and reduces errors and miss representation.


  • Save Time & Money
  • Total Accountability
  • Package Management
  • Customer Notifications
  • Proof of Pickup
  • Mobile App
  • No Monthly Recurring Fees

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