“When I first looked into EasyScript, one of the SDKs that Scriptel provides to its partners, I was amazed at how easy it was going to be to integrate their signature capture devices with GoSign. And in fact, it was easy. EasyScript plugged right into GoSign‘s signature capture engine.”

Todd Geist, Founder, and Senior Geek at Geist Interactive.

Geist Interactive’s GoSign 3.5 has support for Scriptel Signature Pads. With GoSign, our devices can now easily connect to any FileMaker Pro 12 or greater solution. This makes GoSign and Scriptel the perfect combination for FileMaker “point of sale” type solutions, or any other scenario where you need to capture signatures into your FileMaker solution.

Geist has released a new version of their software (version 3.5.2) that is compatible with EasyScript streaming and compression. This is a free update for all of their customers.

Advanced FileMaker Signature Capture

  • Scriptable and flexible
  • Supports Scriptel Signature Pads
  • Works with Touch Screen Devices
  • Put the Signature Pad anywhere on a FileMaker layout

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