Valant was founded in 2005 to provide behavioral health practices, agencies and clinicians with cloud-based software to streamline administration and empower what’s most important: improving outcomes.

Inspired by the fact that technology has transformed all of our lives in meaningful ways, Valant has reinvented the behavioral health platform.

Valant is a completely new platform built on modern technologies including an elastic and infinitely scalable data model, mobile app-inspired experience, and an on-demand ability to respond to change without additional investment in time, money, or training. Our platform isn’t an EHR, it’s the technology partner community mental health deserves.

Valant supports signature capture in Word documents, using the ScripTouch Microsoft Word plugin and Valant’s Word templates.


  • Elastic and Infinitely Scalable Data Model
  • Mobile App-inspired Experience
  • On-demand Ability to Respond to Change without Additional Investment in Time, Money, or Training

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