With SignPack, you can now capture signatures and save a secure copy on your computer for later use with Scriptel.

The result is a smooth High Definition signature that you can embed into Outlook, Word, Photoshop, PDF and many more.

SignPack is an advanced signature software for Windows to capture and save on disk electronic signatures. Its easy-to-use functions allow you to embed fingerprints and watermarks for optimal security. SignPack empowers you to customize the color and size of the brush along with an anti-aliasing option for smooth curves. SignPack produces impeccable results, just like the real thing!


  • Flexible with 11 Popular Image File Extensions
  • 128-bit Image File Encryption for User Access Control
  • Fingerprint Capture for Optimal Security and Signee Identification
  • Watermark Tool to Help Prevent Counterfeiting
  • Command Line Interface (SDK) to Integrate SignPack with Enterprise Solutions
  • Digital Signature Settings Presets for Speed and Efficiency
  • Windows System Tray Docking for Quick Access to SignPack

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