An electronic records system developed for the substance abuse industry. Kipu worked closely with an organization that is an industry leader, CARF-certified, and committed to providing the best possible service to their clients.

The result is a system that is versatile, intuitive, user-friendly, and responsive to the changes and challenges of the business. It optimizes the company’s processes and leverages their years of experience in the sector.

Kipu Records covers the entire patient process, from the very first phone call, through intake, residency, discharge, and beyond, up to a decade of archiving. Users, based on their titles and roles, have access to specific features, charts, forms, and notes, from anywhere, at any time. The system tracks all instances of access and changes to all data points, ensuring complete accountability.

The integration of medical and administrative modules is seamless and transparent. The Dashboard view ensures a complete picture of the facility’s status, with open beds, current and expected patients, built-in evaluations and daily updates, unfinished forms and processes, referrer’s levels and statistics.

The cloud-based architecture is designed for scalability and redundancy, so that the system is exquisitely responsive to growth, and ensures data security and privacy.

  • Supports Macintosh and Windows Machines.
  • Wyse Thin Client Supported.
  • Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox Browsers Supported.
  • No Client Install Versions Available (EasyScript)
  • Local Software Installation Versions Available (ProScript plus OmniScript)

An electronic records system developed for the substance abuse industry

  • Manage Your Cases Easily
  • Keep Track of Pending Items and To-dos
  • Replicate Your Existing Workflow
  • Manage Occupancy and Other Resources
  • Optimize Data Entry
  • Manage Occupancy and Other Resources
  • …and hundreds of other features, to increase productivity and the quality of records.

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