“"The United Solutions Company is excited about partnering with the Scriptel Corporation. Both of our organizations have been providing FinTech solutions to the credit union industry for many years. We both offer high quality products and services, and we think we are a natural fit for one another!"”

Jim Giacobbe, President/CEO of United Solutions

USC forms product, OnCore Forms, is robust, with laser checks, notices, and forms. It also has signed receipts that can be emailed, texted, or printed and go directly to optical.

They can take your external loan products and ingest them into OnCore Forms so you are just using one product for all your print needs. With forms workflow and starter checks, their solution does it all. All except the high price.

The United Solutions Company is a technology solutions and financial services provider, serving the credit union industry since 1983. Started by Ray Cromer Jr., the mission of the United Solutions Company is to host quality products and services using the best of breed technology, with an emphasis on service and collaboration, to help our customers remain competitive and profitable.

We have grown into a full-service technology Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) and Application Service Provider (ASP). Our headquarters are in Tallahassee, Florida, but we are a national company, serving credit unions from Alaska to New York, Hawaii to California. United Solutions has multiple data centers and provides a comprehensive menu of over 25 products and services to credit unions and other businesses. From core data processing and check 21 services, to collections and network management, our exceptional service and commitment to innovation is what truly sets us apart.


  • Customizable workflows and forms
  • Core Processing Database interface
  • Electronic, wet and remote signatures
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • iPad Interface
  • Document Archiving
  • Optical Storage
  • Print/text/email Receipts
  • Prints Receipts, All Checks, and Forms
  • Forms for Lending, Member Services

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