“Scriptel Signature pads are the perfect companion for working with cloud-based systems like NetSuite. Their plug-and-play architecture makes it easy to set up on new computers, so our clients can start signing right away.”

Solution Source Development Team

Signature Pad Connector for NetSuite

Solution Source is a software development company specializing in highly customized, cloudbased enterprise systems.

We are a certified provider of the #1 Cloud ERP solution, NetSuite, with two decades of experience crafting the perfect software solutions to help businesses thrive. Our services include: CRM & ERP system implementations, Business/Technology Consulting, and Microsoft .NET Applications.

Our NetSuite-Scriptel Signature Pad Connector was developed out of our 14 years as a NetSuite Business Partner, and it allows companies to capture signature image and credit card swipe information from a Scriptel signature pad, for use directly inside of NetSuite. The NetSuite-Scriptel Signature Pad Connector from Solution Source is the only certified SuiteApp that integrates with Scriptel Signature Pads.

Built for Oracle + NetSuite. Native SuiteApp.


Signature Pad Connector for NetSuite


  • Signature images are saved directly to the NetSuite File Cabinet, allowing them to be used on printouts or linked to any NetSuite record.
  • Start capturing signatures and credit card swipes immediately throughout your NetSuite account, after a one-time SuiteBundle install.