Killer-Team is a small team of dedicated individuals whose sole purpose is developing unique software solutions to solve specific customer problems. We combine the experience of a large team into a small and agile experience of a large development team.

EZ-CAPSS captures electronic signatures directly and has the capability to use Scriptel’s ProScript and EasyScript interfaces. This allows our customers the ability to choose any Scriptel hardware without worrying about compatibility issues.

Our software can also use the 3-Track embedded ID License Scanner of the ScripTouch Magstripe LCD to read and decode the ID information and automatically populate the associated EZ-CAPSS customer record.

Video: Short Demo

Video: Long Demo


  • Directly captures electronic signatures
  • Can use either ScripTouch interface (EasyScript or ProScript)
  • Can read ID information with the 3-Track reader to automatically populate the associated EZ-CAPSS customer record

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