AccuCare - Electronic Health Record and Billing System

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The AccuCare Web-based EHR and Practice Management System is designed for behavioral health and addiction professionals to address the technology needs of your organization specifically: intake, scheduling, billing, assessment, treatment planning, patient placement, progress notes, discharge summary, data analysis/reporting, electronic signatures, medication management, chart management, and outcomes measurement. The system combines clinical, financial, management and research components for tracking and reporting information as well as supporting evidence-based and best practices.

AccuCare is Web based, providing the ability to access your agency’s records securely through the power of the Internet, allowing maximum access with the scalability for growth as needs expand.

  • Centralized Client Intake
    Enter general demographic info and assign providers
  • Screening and Supplements
    Over 16 screening and supplemental tools covering a variety of areas such as addictions, domestic violence, mental health, Native American culture and more.
  • Assessments
    Based on Addiction Severity Index includes automatic generation of biopsychosocial narrative after completion of assessment.
  • Automated Patient Placement
    Can be customized for ASAM PPC2 or other placement criteria.
  • Treatment Plans
    Utilize sample plans and statements or create their own and save for future use if desired.
  • Progress Notes
    Automate process of documenting individual or group notes and have the ability to track effectiveness and utilization of services through reporting feature.
  • Discharge Summary
    Allows the user to document the client’s reasons for discharge along with a summary of overall treatment experience and an after-care plan.
  • Recovery Support
    Helps identify and prioritize the client’s needs as they exit treatment and return to their everyday life.
  • Follow-ups
    Used to compare client’s baseline assessment to follow-up assessment to identify areas of treatment success and failure; along with tracking progress/regress for up to two years after discharge; user can also track when follow-ups are due.
  • Medication Management
    Manage client medications, problems, allergies as well as place orders through E-Prescribe functionality. Medication dispense report and tracking vitals are also included.
  • Data Query
    Allows the user to extract (export) information collected in the AccuCare system and compile it into meaningful, detailed reports.
  • Access Control (Provider ID)
    Assign or remove access to clients or functions in AccuCare by staff, departments and/or agencies.
  • Prevention
    Prevention surveys and reports allows programs to record prevention activities and evaluate outcomes.
  • Electronic Signature and Chart Management
    For staff and clients to electronically sign and file documents to the client’s chart; users can also upload external documents to the client’s chart. 30GB of space will be provided for storing data. Hardware (stylus/signature pads) can be purchased through Orion at an extra cost.
  • Electronic Billing
    This feature is available for programs to bill electronically to Medicaid/MediCal, State and third party insurance agencies.
  • Reporting
    Outcome based reporting, data mining and custom reporting allow AI/AN programs to analyze on data within all facets of the program including: clinical, financial, administrative, staffing, prevention, tribal community and more.
  • Scheduling
    Schedule appointments for staff and/or clients with multiple options for tracking, viewing and reporting events. Information from scheduler flows easily to progress notes and billing to streamline workflow.


  • Centralized Client Intake
  • Screening and Supplements
  • Assessments
  • Automated Patient Placement
  • Electronic Signature and Chart Management
  • and more…