We have been a pioneer in eSignatures, creating a range of solutions evolving with industry needs for the past 30 years. The result is our seamless experience for going paperless.

Hardware Solutions

Our hardware is easy-to-use in many environments:


  • All pads use easy-to-set-up USB interfaces
  • “No-install” versions available for web-based remote applications
  • Our pads feature a variety of display types and sizes

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Software Solutions

Our software is fully featured yet remarkably simple to integrate. We provide signature output in a variety of formats (including PDF). We have a highly skilled technical team ready to assist with your deployments!

We support signature without added hardware!

IconWindows, Mac, IOS
and Android support
IconRich Features
IconSimple Document Signing
IconMany Popular Software
Apps Supported

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Remote Solutions

We have solutions for Citrix, Remote Desktop and other environments. All pads are Citrix verified!

IconPlug-and-Play Solutions
IconEasy-to-Use Software
IconSupport for Thin Clients
IconExpert Help Available

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Excellent Support

We provide the support that our customers want!

  • Our expert technical team can assist you every step of the way
  • An easy return policy through RapidCare
  • Warranties for up to 3 years available

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