With our years of experience, eScriptel can help you find the right solution for any situation. eScriptel offers TOTAL solutions, not just a piece of hardware, or just an app. The result is our seamless experience for going paperless.

Our APIs

Our APIs provide interfaces for every situation, such as signing in an office, remote signing in the field, or anywhere else! Our APIs we have provide the ability to sign any type of document, including PDFs, Word, Excel and others, even your own!

Supports web-based software for any situation, including mobile and desktop situations. It uses a simple keyboard interface with no client installation required. An IT manager's dream installation! No extra software needed with virtualization environments (such as Citrix and RDP)!

Read more information about EasyScript on the Scriptel site.

View our EasyScript product line.

Provides a popular HID device interface through the installation of drivers on the client system. This API provides a rich 2-way communication with the signature pad for richer feature sets.

Read more information about ProScript on the Scriptel site.

View our ProScript product line.

Uses of websockets provides a clean communication channel ideal for virtualization and other remote client installations.

Read more information about OmniScript on the Scriptel site.

View our OmniScript compatible product line.

Our Documentation

Our documentation is second to none. Our APIs are fully documented with examples and sample code. We provide the tools to complete your integration, easily accessible on our web site, and demonstration videos are available as well!

Remote Solutions

We have solutions for Citrix, Remote Desktop and other environments. All pads are Citrix verified!

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Partner Programs for ISVs

We have special pricing and incentives for our partners. We will support hardware resellers with excellent pricing. Optional revenue sharing program for non-reselling partners.

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Excellent Support

We provide the support that our customers want!

  • Our expert technical team can assist you every step of the way
  • An easy return policy through RapidCare
  • Warranties for up to 3 years available

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