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  • Easy to integrate into your web application through simple forms or programmatically through JavaScript.
  • Supports signature pads, touch screen, mouse, and stylus signing.
  • Developers are in control! They can choose sizes, styles, colors, or allow the end user to choose.
  • Output in simple to use PNG format or capture every forensic detail in JSON
  • Preconfigured with sensible defaults yet every detail is configurable.


Scriptel SignAndSaveJS is a small web component that can be injected into your web application that will let you trivially capture signature and transfer them to your web application to be stored.

SignAndSaveJS supports signature pad, touchscreen, mouse, and stylus input for the signature. With SignAndSaveJS, a developer can capture through an HTML form, without needing to know JavaScript. SignAndSaveJS also provide a robust API for programmatic usage.

If you are interested in this product for your independent software solution, please contact our Sales Department at +1 (877) 848‑6824 or by email at

Browser Compatibility

BrowserMinimum VersionRelease Date
Google Chrome18.02012-03-28
Microsoft Internet Explorer11.02013-10-17
Microsoft Edge12.02015-03-30
Mozilla Firefox14.02012-06-26
Apple Safari (Desktop)6.02012-07-25
Apple Safari (Mobile)6.12012-09-19