Allows all ScripTouch devices to operate as a standard TWAIN device; to be used with software that supports TWAIN interfaces.


  • Supports TWAIN standard used in many Windows applications
  • 32- and 64-bit data sources available
  • Ability to run without a display user interface
  • Signature supported by Scriptel TWAIN in Imageware EpiSuite
  • Signature easy to configure in Kofax Capture

Configure Scriptel Signature Pad for Kofax VRS

Instructions on how to enable the Scriptel TWAIN driver provided to be used with VRS / Image Controls (TWAIN on bottom) for capture into Image Controls applications such as Kofax Capture.


  1. Run:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\ImgCtls\bin\ScannerConfigUtil.exe

    A “Scanner Configuration Utility” box will display. On the left side (see image below) is a box labelled “Limit scanner list to.” To see the Scriptel pad, you need to allow non VRS-Certified scanners to show in the list.

    Kofax Configuring, Step 1

  2. Uncheck the “VRS-certified scanners” checkbox.
    In the “Available image devices” window, you will see all of the available scanner drivers (see below).

    Kofax Configuring, Step 2

  3. Expand the “Scriptel” folder. Click “Scriptel ScripTouch.”

    Kofax Configuring, Step 3

  4. Click “Configure Sources…”

    Kofax Configuring, Step 4

  5. Click “Create Standard Sources.”

    Kofax Configuring, Step 5

  6. Click “Properties.”

    Kofax Configuring, Step 6

  7. Make sure that “Enable TWAIN user interface” is selected.
    This will allow the Scriptel interface to pop-up.

    Kofax Configuring, Step 7

  8. Click “OK.”

    Kofax Configuring, Step 8

  9. Click “Close.”

    Kofax Configuring, Step 9


Your source should now be available to Kofax Image Controls applications like “Kofax Express” and “Kofax Capture.”

Kofax Configuring, Done

Using the Scriptel Signature Pad

Requesting the scanner (acquire) will launch the listener and allow entry via the pad.

Kofax Configuring, Using

Troubleshooting the Scriptel TWAIN driver

Set Environment variable:

Creates a log file as: scriptel_twain.txt

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