Epic Plugin

Fully compatible with Epic eSignature in Hyperspace (including the Home Health Remote Client) versions 2012-2018 and beyond.
Epic Plugin


  • Uses standard Epic eSignature API
  • Supported over Citrix, VMware, and Windows Server or local
  • Easily works alongside competitor plugins on same Epic servers
  • Compatible with Epic Hyperspace 2012-2018 and beyond
  • Same plugin software also supports wireless signature (mSign)

Epic Hyperdrive Signature Pad Alternative: Capture signatures with Scriptel!

More information about Scriptel's commitment to Hyperdrive and the Epic platform, can be found here.

Introducing the
SlimShield LCD

Learn about our new SlimShield LCD, the perfect esignature solution for Healthcare. More information and Epic pricing can be found here.

Scriptel USB signature pads are fully compatible with Epic eSignature in Hyperspace (including the Home Health Remote Client) versions 2012-2018 and beyond.

The ScripTouch Plugin for Epic incorporates the Epic eSignature API and provides all the features available through this API, including navigation buttons on the signature pad for multi-signature forms and multi-lingual annotations.

The plugin supports any supported Epic system configuration, including:

  • With application publishing (“VDA”) such as hosted Epic, Citrix XenApp or VMware RDSH
  • With desktop publishing (“VDI”) such as Citrix XenDesktop or VMWare Horizon View
  • Using full clients (Receiver, Horizon View or local), thin clients (all brands) and zero clients (Teradici-type)
  • With “double hops” and even including session “roaming” from a station without a signature pad to a station with one and no need to restart the session
  • Use on the same Epic servers that support competitor signature pads without interference

Scriptel’s experienced support team is there to help you from the initial proof-of-concept (POC) call through deployment. If your system configuration does not support robust generic USB device forwarding, Scriptel will provide its own virtual channel tool, ScripTouch Remote, which is licensed per pad that needs it and communicates directly from the client to the plugin.

Installation Instructions

  1. If using remote clients that use Citrix virtualization products, please verify Citrix compatibility. If this is a client installation please go to the next step.

    View a list of Citrix Ready compatible products.

  2. Download and install the ScripTouch Plugin for Epic.
    1. Go to this page: scriptel.com/support/downloads/.
    2. Under the three OS icons, check the box for Display Third Party Software Plugins, and then in the Specifically for… dropdown menu, select “Epic Systems Hyperspace”.
    3. Click the Download Now button to install the plugin.
  3. After achieving the above steps, you should be up and running with Epic Hyperspace and your Scriptel signature pad.

Why We Recommend LCD Signature Pads for Use with Epic

The ScripTouch for Epic plugin was designed with LCD displays in mind. Although non-LCD pads will work fine, users will not get the advantage of seeing their signature and being able to navigate signature fields from the pad.

Display Example

Above is an illustration of the navigation buttons for Epic signatures.

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