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  • Connects to Scriptel integrated software as a physical Scriptel ScripTouch 1550/1551 signature pad.
  • Android and iOS support
  • Supports color, different resolution, size, and aspect ratios.
  • Can replace or work alongside ANY Scriptel USB signature pad with mode selection on the mobile device.
  • End-to-end encryption

How to Install and Use mSign

  1. Install mSign Desktop on a stand alone computer by following these directions.
  2. Install mSign Mobile on an iOS or Android mobile device and pair it through mSign Desktop.
  3. To use mSign with various programs, follow the instructions on the mSign Wiki page.


Scriptel mSign Mobile is a signature capture application for Android and iOS devices. Signatures can be captured through a supported mobile device and used to sign in any Scriptel-integrated application, such as our plugins for Adobe PDFs, Word and Excel files, our add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets, and software from third parties.

mSign acquired signatures contain all the data normally captured from ScripTouch signature pads, along with an enhanced mode that supports color, different resolutions, sizes and aspect ratios.

Signatures are encrypted and routed to any registered desktop through Scriptel’s pairing server. Organizations that want to keep the signing process entirely under their own control can purchase a license for mSign Server software.

Scriptel mSign consists of three components:

  • The mSign Mobile app connects to ProScript and EasyScript interfaces as if it were a physical Scriptel ScripTouch ST1550 signature pad. mSign adds data beyond what our standard hardware pads capture, including color, and different resolutions and aspect ratios. More than one mSign device can be connected to a desktop and each device is encrypted in a way that cannot be decoded by the server.
  • The mSign Desktop application is the front-end interface connecting an mSign Mobile device to an mSign server, whether the server is hosted by the customer or by Scriptel. Pairing is done by the mSign Desktop application requesting a code from the server. Pairing is finalized when a human inputted code is entered or a QR code is scanned, allowing the mobile device to communicate with a server somewhere (defaults to Scriptel server). mSign Desktop is licensed through the ScripTouch Remote licensing model.
  • The mSign Server application is for customers who wish to self-host instead of relying on Scriptel’s servers. mSign Server allows the customer to keep the signing process completely in their purview and may reduce latency by hosting closer to the signing process. The application tracks the number of successful and unsuccessful signatures (cancel, network error) signatures on a per organization level.


mSign Mobile App Key Features
  • Connects to Scriptel integrated software as a virtual Scriptel ScripTouch 1550/1551 signature pad.
  • Android and iOS support
  • Simple and Enhanced modes
  • Enhanced mode supports features beyond normal ScripTouch devices (color, resolution, size, and aspect ratios).
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Connects at USB level.
mSign Desktop App Key Features
  • Pairs with mobile device through the server.
  • Pairs using text input or QR code.
  • Monitors connection status.
mSign Server App Key Features
  • Available to customers who want to self-host.
  • Supports additional capacity by adding servers in potentially different geographic regions.
  • Tracks the number of successful and unsuccessful signatures on a per-organizational level.

Product Specifications

Product FAQs

Yes. Although all signatures go through the mSign pairing server, all signatures are SSL encrypted at the mobile app and decrypted on the desktop. The server cannot decrypt signature data and signatures are never stored except, possibly, by the destination application on the desktop.

No. mSign Desktop runs only on Windows 7 and up.

The mobile application is paired to the desktop application through an mSign pairing server. Scriptel hosts a public pairing server, which is free to use, but it does require internet access for both the mobile device and the desktop. If you cannot provide internet access, Scriptel will license the pairing server for you to install on a Linux server on within your network.

Scriptel signature pads plug into the USB port of your computer. The mobile device virtually plugs into your USB port through the mSign Desktop application running in the toolbar. Once the mobile device is paired to the desktop application, your mSign signature pad is "plugged in". Any application that runs with a physical pad now runs with your mobile device.

mSign Mobile application is free, but to use it you must have mSign Desktop installed on your computer. mSign Desktop requires a license key. When you run mSign Desktop for the first time a 90-day trial license key is automatically obtained. After your trial is complete, a permanent license key is required. List price is $79 for a 3-year license.

mSign is software which emulates a Scriptel signature pad on a mobile device.

Android and iOS devices.

Not on XenApp. mSign will work when installed on the virtual desktop of XenDesktop.

Yes, when mSign Desktop is installed on the virtual desktop.

Yes, when mSign Desktop is installed on the virtual desktop.