Will the lines in the signature window show up when I add my signature?

No, only your signature.

Why is my signature not showing up, or disappearing?

Your signature may not appear in the window after you finish signing until you press the “OK” button on your pad.

Why doesn’t the Signature size slider change the size of the preview? Will my signature always be that size?

The preview window is a fixed size and cannot be adjusted for larger previews, but after you add your signature it will appear the size you selected.

Why can’t I change the background color?

By default the checkbox for “Transparent Background” is checked, if you would like a background color simply uncheck the box and select your color.

What is Omniscript and how do I use it?

More information about OmniScript can be found here.

What do I need to use this Add-on?

Requires an active internet connection and a Scriptel signature pad.

What can I use this Add-on for?

This Add-on allows you to use your Scriptel signature pad to add signatures to Google Docs directly in your browser.

What are the two circles on the bottom for?

The left dot is an indicator that will turn green when OmniScript is installed and working properly. The right dot is an indicator that will turn green if a ProScript device is connected.

Note: For EasyScript users both dots may appear grey, but you will still be able to sign.

My signature didn’t go where I intended it to, is there any way around this?

Where your signature appears after adding it is based on the position of your cursor, simply click where you want the signature to appear before adding and it should appear as intended.

Alternatively after you have added your signature you may click and drag to re-position it where you want it.

How do I install Google Docs and Sheets for my ProScript Device?

  1. If you have a ProScript interface (model number ending in a 0 or 5) you will also need to install the latest version of ScripTouch OmniScript which can be found on the Scriptel Downloads page.
  2. Navigate to the Template:URL and click the “+FREE” button.
    Note: Google Docs and Google Sheets are two separate installations with two different URLs.
  3. Click on “Continue” to allow the installation.
  4. Click on “Allow” to complete the installation.
  5. Open the document you want to sign in Google Docs or Google Sheets
  6. Click on “Add-ons” near the top of the page, then…
    • For Google Docs: Click “ScripTouch Sign and Save for Google Docs,” and then “Sign Document.”
    • For Google Sheets: Click “ScripTouch Sign and Save for Google Sheets,” and then “Sign Spreadsheet.”
  7. Once the application sidebar opens click on the “Click Here to Sign” button.
  8. Sign on your signature pad now. Be sure to press “OK” once you have finished signing.
  9. Click on the “ADD SIGNATURE” button below your signature. You may also change some aspects of the signature using the options below before adding.
  10. With the signature added to your document you may now re-position, by clicking and dragging, and resize the signature, by clicking and dragging the handles along the outside of the box, if necessary.

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