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  • Durable OEM replacement cables

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Electronic signature capture pad removable cables for Scriptel ScripTouch Magstripe and Compact Signature Pads.

Note: To ensure proper FCC and EC compliance, only genuine Scriptel ScripTouch cables should be used with Scriptel signature pads.


  • Length: 1 meter, 1.8 meter, and 3 meter lengths
  • Weight: 1 m weighs .06 oz., 1.8 m weighs 0.12 oz., and 3 m weighs 0.25 oz.
  • Manufacturer: Scriptel Corporation
  • SKUs: SC-STUSB1M (for 1 m cables), SC-STUSB6 (for 1.8 m cables), and SC-STUSB3M (for 3 m cables)