Why would I want to switch between EasyScript and ProScript?

You would only want to switch between EasyScript and ProScript modes if you have a software application that supports EasyScript and a different software application that supports ProScript.

When does an EasyScript device begin to send signature data? What about ProScript devices?

EasyScript devices begin sending signature data once the OK button has been pressed. ProScript devices stream signature data as the user is signing. With ProScript, you will also receive a special button event for either the OK button, or the Cancel button, depending on which one the user selects. This button event will be sent after all signature data has been sent.

  ProScript EasyScript
Can I capture a signature? Yes Yes
Can I capture card swipe information on supported devices? Yes Yes
Can I detect button presses? Yes No
Can I customize my screen? Yes No
Can I detect if the device is connected? Yes No
Can I communicate to the device from a web browser? Yes (With OmniScript) Yes
Do I need to install anything to use the device? Yes No
How do I know when all signature data is available? When the OK button event is sent By looking for the start and end signature stream characters
How do I know when all card swipe data is available? When the card swiped event is sent By looking for the start and end signature stream characters
Which APIs are available? .NET, Java C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET

What does it mean to customize the workflow and screens?

This is something that the software vendor might want to do, not the end user. They could change the splash screen, or add buttons and text to any screen. Buttons can be programmed to advance to a different screen. By default, ProScript has only two screens: The splash screen and the signature Screen. EasyScript has a third screen: The press screen.

What do the new defaults mean to me?

As long as the application manufacturer used an EasyScript 2.0 library, there will be no negative change to the user. In fact, the only change the user might see is that the software works with all international keyboards without needing to be manually set. However, if the manufacturer used an older library or did not use a Scriptel library at all it may be necessary to use the ScripTouch Toolbox to change the defaults for streaming and compression off. The Toolbox maybe downloaded from https://scriptel.com/support/downloads/.

What are the factory defaults?

Starting with EasyScript 3.0 the signature pad comes in EasyScript mode, with streaming active, and compression active, at the fastest transmission speed. This is a change from EasyScript 2.0 where the default was streaming active with compression off.

How do I switch modes?

There are two ways. If you intend to switch back and forth frequently, install the ScripTouch Assist toolbar application. This allows you to change modes using hot-keys. But if you want to more-or-less permanently switch modes, use the ScripTouch Toolbox.

Are EasyScript, ScripTouch Assistant, and the ScripTouch Toolbox free?