mSign Desktop is a component of our mobile signature pad software, allowing you to sign documents with your smartphone or tablet.

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Scriptel mSign Desktop is a component of Scriptel mSign, a mobile device signature application for Android and iOS mobile devices, and Web browsers.

After pairing with mSign Desktop, signatures can be captured on a smartphone as if it was a mobile signature pad. After which, it can be used to sign in any Scriptel-integrated application, such as our plugins for Adobe PDFs, Microsoft Word and Excel, OpenOffice Writer and Calc, our add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets, and software from third parties.

mSign acquired signatures (mobile device signatures) contain all the data normally captured from ScripTouch signature pads, along with an enhanced mode that supports color, different resolutions, sizes, and aspect ratios. More than one mSign Mobile device can be connected to an mSign Desktop with each device encrypted in a way that cannot be decoded by the server.

Signatures are encrypted and routed to any registered mSign Desktop through Scriptel's pairing server. Organizations that want to keep the signing process entirely under their own control can purchase a license for mSign Server.

Scriptel mSign consists of three components:

mSign Mobile Key Features

  • Connects to Scriptel-integrated software as a physical Scriptel ScripTouch Compact LCD ST1550/ST1551 signature pad.
  • Android, iOS, and Web browser support
  • Standard and Enhanced modes
  • Enhanced mode supports features beyond normal ScripTouch devices (color, different resolutions, sizes, and aspect ratios).
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Connects at USB level.

mSign Desktop Key Features

  • Pairs with mSign Mobile device through the server.
  • Pairs using text input or QR code.
  • Monitors connection status.

mSign Server Key Features

  • Available to customers who want to self-host.
  • Supports additional capacity by adding servers in potentially different geographic regions.

mSign Mobile Signature System Requirements

mSign Desktop

  • Windows 7 – 11 PC
  • 30 megabytes of hard disk space
  • Java 1.7+

mSign Mobile

  • Signing on a mobile device: Android 4.1.0+ OS or iOS 6.0+ with Mobile Safari 6+
  • Signing on a Web browser: Windows, Mac, or Linux PC with either a Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari browser

How to Install and Use mSign

  1. Install mSign Desktop on a PC by following these directions.
  2. Install mSign Mobile on a device for signing. Follow the appropriate instructions below:
  3. To use mSign with various programs, follow the instructions on the mSign Wiki page.

More Information on the mSign Mobile Signature Application


Scriptel Corporation

Operating System

mSign Mobile: iOS or Android. mSign Desktop: Windows. mSign Server: Linux.

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User Guide


Wiki Page


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