How Do I Setup a ProScript Device to Use ScripTouch Remote on any Citrix Installation with Thick Client only?

This procedure will work on any Citrix installation with a thick client only and a ScripTouch Remote license.


  1. Install ScripTouch “Sign and Save” on your local computer

  2. Install ScripTouch “Toolbox” on your local computer

  3. Adjust the settings for the pad in ScripTouch “Toolbox”

    • Open ScripTouch “Toolbox”.

    • On the menu bar, click “Settings” and then “Online Settings” underneath it.

    • Enter your Username and Password.

    • Click the “Check Credentials” button.

    • After your credentials are verified, make sure that your “Primary Organization” is set correctly.

    • Click the “Save” button.

    • Under “Settings,” confirm that “Enable Online” is checked.

    • Under “Settings,” click “Check for Licenses.” This will download a copy of your license file to your local machine.

    • You can confirm that the license is installed by going to “Help” and then “Check for Licenses.”

  4. Install ScripTouch “Sign and Save” on the Citrix desktop


Sign and Save on the Citrix desktop is now able to receive data from your locally connected ProScript signature capture pad.

If you are having problems getting your ScripTouch pad to work, you can visit our Developer’s FAQ page, email us at or call us at 1-844-972-7478 (9-SCRIPT).

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