How Do I Setup an EasyScript Device for Citrix Anything?


  1. Install ScripTouch “Sign and Save” on the remote Citrix desktop

    • Open the Citrix desktop remotely. This could take some time, so be patient.

    • Open a browser on the Citrix desktop and go to

    • Download and install ScripTouch “Sign and Save.”

  2. Install ScripTouch “Toolbox” on your local computer

  3. Run ScripTouch “Sign and Save” on the remote Citrix desktop

    • Open the Citrix desktop window.

    • Open the ScripTouch “Sign and Save” software by double-clicking on its icon on the Citrix desktop.

    • At this point, ScripTouch “Sign and Save” on the server is ready to receive input from your local EasyScript pad.

      However, some adjustments may be necessary (depending on your connection speed) for the pad to work properly.

  4. Make adjustments to the pad

    • Open the local copy of ScripTouch “Toolbox.” This will allow you to adjust how the local pad works.

    • Click the “Output” tab of the Toolbox window.

    • The pad may be sending data faster than your connection can transfer it. To fix this, adjust the speed of the output (labelled as Packets per second) to a value between 70 and 100.

    • Another method for improving performance over a slower connection is to turn on the “Compress output” and “Stream output” options.

      Note: These options may not work with older versions of the Scriptel software.


Sign and Save on the Citrix desktop is now able to receive data from your locally connected EasyScript signature capture pad.

If you are having problems getting your ScripTouch pad to work, you can visit our Developer’s FAQ page, email us at or call us at 1-844-972-7478 (9-SCRIPT).

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