SlimShield LCD Signature Pads: Combining Innovation and Practicality

Digital signature solutions are gaining traction across specific business sectors such as finance, legal services, healthcare, and so on. Digital transformation witnessed over the last few years along with a growing emphasis on reducing paper usage has been instrumental in driving the growth of signature capture devices. These devices come with an LCD screen and various ergonomic features that offer convenience to a user. You can easily connect these devices onto your computer via USB port and download the signature for further use. With this paper-free method, you can easily add the signature onto the concerned document after you have read it completely. There are several companies offering electronic signature solutions; however, Scriptel stands tall among them. Scriptel’s SlimShield LCD signature pads feature robust electronic signature software and a high-quality LCD display. This post highlights the features and functionalities of this digital signature solution and its uses across sectors.

Delving into the Advanced Features of Scriptel’s SlimShield LCD Signature Pads

There are signature capture devices available in the market. So, what makes Scriptel’s LCD signature pads special?  Here are some features that set them apart.

  • This electronic signature pad has a slim profile and comes with backlit, integrated display, and has an active signature area of 4.25″ x 1.13″ (108 x 28.7 mm).
  • The scratch-proof, backlit monochrome LCD display has a resolution of 240×64 pixels and signature resolution greater than 500ppi. This resolution improves clarity and reduces pixelation.
  • The overall dimensions of the product are 6″ x 5.375″ x 0.95″ (152.4 x 136.5 x 24.1mm).
  • The snap-in pen tray holds the pen well and you can mount the pen vertically as well.
  • The device is ergonomically designed to ensure enough space to rest your palm and sign.
  • The device quickly senses the signature with the help of Scriptel patented StaticCap capacitive sensing technology.
  • The device can connect through USB 2.0 (standard A-type connector).
  • The signature pad is supported on Windows and Linux.
  • The SlimShield LCD EasyScript (SC-ST1581) as well as SlimShield LCD ProScript (SC-ST1580) come with a 2 m / 6.6 ft USB cable.
  • Plugins are freely available for Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Google Docs and Sheets, Microsoft Word and Excel, OpenOffice Writer and Calc, and all TWAIN compatible applications Libraries are available in Java, JavaScript, PHP, and more to integrate Scriptel into your application.
  • Scriptel EasyScript puts electronic signature capability into your web application without installing any drivers or software on the user’s computer.
  • SlimShield LCD signature pads with the ProScript interface are supported by extensive Scriptel APIs and software libraries for embedding direct device management in your software application giving you, the developer, full control of the signature pad.
  • Disinfection and cleaning of such devices is a crucial factor to keep away contamination and subsequent infections. This aspect has especially gained importance after the pandemic. The SlimShield LCD signature pad has been designed for easy disinfecting and is compatible with Clorox Healthcare Solutions’ germicidal and disinfectant wipes.

If you intend to reduce paper usage, getting an electronic signature pad for document signing may be on your agenda. Ensure you source them from the right supplier. Scriptel’s SlimShield LCD signature pad comes with a 3-year advance replacement warranty. If you need any further information about these signature pads or want to share your requirements, contact the team at Scriptel via phone or email.

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