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Digital transformation revolutionizes business operations by automating several manual processes, including signature capturing. Many industries, such as healthcare, veterinary, tax, and so on, are bound by stringent regulatory requirements where consent, acknowledgment, and record-keeping must be met. Secure and efficient signature capturing is the key to regulatory compliance in these industries. This is where electronic signature pads can make a difference. These signature capture devices help streamline consent and authentication processes and ensure compliance with legal standards. There are several signature pad technology providers in the US, and Scriptel stands tall among them. With a robust portfolio of signature pad software and hardware solutions, we are well-equipped to meet the complex demands of digital documentation and authentication. This post offers insights on our products and reasons to partner with us for your signature capture solutions.

Overview of Scriptel Corporation’s Electronic Signature Capture Solutions

Scriptel Corporation provides a wide range of signature capture devices designed to meet various compliance and security requirements. Our collection features the following:

  • Signature Pad Hardware: Our collection features a range of signature pads for digital handwritten signatures. These eSignature pads are designed for efficient signature capturing and they can easily integrate with any existing systems, ensuring a seamless and smooth transition. The following are a few popular electronic signature capture solutions offered by us:


    • ScripTouch Review LCD Signature Pad
    • ScripTouch SlimShield LCD Signature Pad
    • ScripTouch Slimline LCD Signature Pad
    • ScripTouch Compact LCD Signature Pad
    • ScripTouch Slimline 1×5 Signature Pad


  • Signature Solution Software: Scriptel’s signature solution software applications are designed to run directly on desktops, laptops, thin and thick clients, and in browsers including on mobile devices. Their compatibility with different platforms and ease of use makes them ideal for various applications, from healthcare to tax services. The following are a few popular signature solution software applications provided by Scriptel.
    • Scriptel mSign is a signature pad emulator designed to run on a mobile browser.
    • ScripTouch Remote is designed for use with RDP, VMWare, and Citrix when their USB forwarding is insufficient.
    • ScripTouch Sign and Save includes plugins for popular apps such as Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Excel, and many more.
    • Touch Signing License allows you to use Scriptel plugins with your standard operating system pointing devices in lieu of a signature pad.


  • Solutions: Every business is different and so are their requirements. Understanding this, Scriptel offers unique solution packages featuring signature pad hardware and signature solution software, which are combined to meet the unique compliance requirements of clients.


Industries We Serve

Scriptel Corporation serves clients across the following industries.

    • Healthcare: Signature capture for consent and acknowledgement on medical forms and records is mandatory in the US as per HIPAA, UETA and other regulations. Most of these documents are retained for several years to meet the compliance requirements. It is important to ensure the efficiency and safety of these documents during their retention period, which has its own set of challenges. With the adoption of digital technologies and solutions, many of these documents are now electronically captured and retained. Embracing eSignature has helped healthcare organizations ensure that documents are securely stored, retrieved, and processed. Many large hospital chains, healthcare facilities, and clinics utilize Scriptel’s electronic signature capture solutions for medical records, patient consent forms, and administrative documents.
    • Veterinary Services: Veterinary practitioners utilize signature solutions for boarding agreements, treatment consent forms, and other service-related documents. Our signature capture devices help veterinary services streamline their operations while ensuring the accuracy and security of their records.
    • Legal and Tax Services: Our clients from these sectors have immensely benefited from Scriptel’s solutions for the secure signing of agreements, contracts, tax filings, and other legal documents. Although handwritten signatures are not always mandatory in this segment, the integrity of signatures is crucial in legal and tax-related documents.
    • Government and Public Sector: Scriptel’s digital signature pads are used by many government agencies and public sector enterprises that use authenticated signatures to process applications, permits, and other official documents for record keeping and approval.


The Scriptel Advantage

Scriptel Corporation offers rugged and reliable eSignature pads and digitization solutions for busy work environments. Say goodbye to managing virtual COM ports. All our Citrix-Ready, plug-and-play hardware and software solutions make compliance management easy. Here’s a closer look at what differentiates Scriptel from other signature solutions in the market.

    • An Eye for Innovation: Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Scriptel. We leverage the latest digital technologies to enhance our products. Our digital signature capture devices are empowered with high-resolution capture technologies that help ensure the clarity of the signature recorded.
    • Data Security: Scriptel’s electronic signature capture solutions are secured with advanced encryption protocols that ensure the easy capture, storage, and transmission of signatures.
    • Unmatched Reliability and Performance: Signatures and patient/customer consent is at the core of regulatory compliance in healthcare and legal services. Our products perform consistently under the rigors of heavy usage. These pads feature robust design and construction that can easily withstand the rigors of high-traffic environments. Many of our products feature a textured glass writing surface which won’t scratch or wear but gives the feel of pen on paper.
    • Exceptional Customer Support and Service: Several signature capture devices are flooding the market, and they all look the same. Our products differ in terms of quality and performance. However, that is not enough. We stand apart from our competitors in terms of the exceptional customer support and service accompanying our products. Our experts guide customers in everything from product selection to support after the sale. You get our best support level from the moment you write or call.


Our client list reflects our commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. We focus solely on empowering organizations to meet compliance requirements by capturing and managing signatures with high accuracy, security, and reliability. Whether you are part of a large hospital network, a small clinic, or any organization, we can help you confidently meet compliance-related complexities. Contact us today to see how our signature solutions can transform your operations.

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