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Getting StartedScriptel Corporation
Warning: This API is deprecated, please consider using the new version located here:

The ScripTouch Series of digitizers can be easily integrated into your Windows application by using the STSeries.dll assembly. The DLL and several example projects are available on the Scriptel website. The STSeries.dll is a .NET assembly making it easy to interface to any CLI language. The API is documented in this SDK and includes syntax for C#, VB, C++, and F#. This should provide enough information to interface to any other CLI language.

The full API used to interact with the digitizer is contained in the Scriptel.STSeries Namespace. To understand the API you need to know where to begin. First, you must find devices that are attached to the system. This is done with the STSeriesDevicesManager class. The AttachedDevices property is an array of devices, each having a base class of STSeriesDevice. All of the devices are attached and ready to be used.

At this point, access to a device may be made through the methods of the interface of the base class, ISTSeriesDevice, or through subtype polymorphism to the device specific interface such as the IST1500U for the ST1500U product. More methods and functionality will be achieved through the device specific class and interface than through its base.

The most extensive example is in C#, but simple examples are provided in VB.NET and C++.