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EasyScriptAPI Namespace

This library for .NET allows you to parse strings coming from Scriptel's ScripTouch EasyScript line of signature digitizers into signatures and card swipes that can be used in your application.
Public classCardSwipe
This class represents a successful magnetic card swipe from a ScripTouch EasyScript device with a magnetic card strip reader.
Public classCardSwipeInvalidException
This exception is thrown when there is a problem parsing a card swipe string.
Public classCoordinate
This class represents a two dimensional coordinate on a digitizer.
Public classEasyScript
This is a utility class that can be used to interact with Scriptel ScripTouch EasyScript products. It is capable of parsing and rendering keyboard strings generated when the digitizer is signed.
Public classEasyScriptCompressedDecoder
This class is responsible for uncompressing and parsing compressed signature streams.
Public classEasyScriptUncompressedDecoder
This class implements a decoder for the legacy uncompressed keyboard streams produced by EasyScript devices.
Public classFinancialCard
This class represents the parsed magnetic stripe data from a financial (credit) card. See">
Public classFinancialCardIssuer
This class attempts to identify credit card issuers based on patterns in the numbers each vendor issues.
Public classFinancialCardTrackOne
This class represents track one of a financial card.
Public classFinancialCardTrackTwo
This class represents the second track of a financial card
Public classIdentificationCard
This class represents an identification card such as a United States drivers license.
Public classIdentificationCardTrackOne
This class represents track one of the magnetic strip of an identification card, such as a United States drivers license.
Public classIdentificationCardTrackThree
This class represents track three of a magnetic strip identification card such as a United States driver's license.
Public classIdentificationCardTrackTwo
This class represents track two of a magnetic strip identification card such as a United States driver's license.
Public classSignature
This class represents a parsed signature from a Scriptel ScripTouch EasyScript product.
Public classSignatureBounds
This class represents the minimum bounding box required to hold a given signature.
Public classSignatureInvalidException
This exception is thrown when there is a problem parsing a signature string
Public classSignatureMetaData
This class represents the metadata present in the preamble of a signature stream.
Public classSTNCardSwipeProtocol
Initializes a new instance of the STNCardSwipeProtocol class. Represents the STN card swipe protocol.
Public classSTNSignatureProtocol
This class implements the STN Protocol for the Scriptel ScripTouch EasyScript product.
Public interfaceICardSwipeProtocol
This interface represents a template for card swipe protocols. In order for this library to parse magnetic strip data a class implementing this interface must be created describing the new protocol.
Public interfaceIEasyScriptEventListener
This interface defines a listener interested in signature events generated by the EasyScript library.
Public interfaceISignatureProtocol
This interface represents a Scriptel ScripTouch EasyScript protocol.
Public enumerationFinancialCardIssuerName
Enumeration containing known financial card issuers.
Public enumerationIdentificationSex
This enumeration represents the gender of a card holder on an identification card.