This Sign and Save add-on uses the standard Google Apps Script to provide fully compatible support for Google Docs signatures.


Scriptel signature pads are fully compatible with Google Docs through the use of our ScripTouch Sign and Save Google Docs Signature add-on. This plugin uses the standard Google Apps Script to provide support for electronic signatures in Google Docs.

ScripTouch Sign and Save plugins only work with Scriptel signature pads. If you do not have a ScripTouch pad, this software will not work for you.

Get a free copy of ScripTouch Sign and Save for Google Docs Signature Add-on, by following the instructions below. There is no need to add it to your cart or check out.

NOTE: For use with ProScript devices, you will need to install OmniScript as well. OmniScript can be downloaded for free here. An installation guide for OmniScript can be found can be found here.

Google Docs Signature Add-on Features

  • Allows for signature capture from all standard ScripTouch signature pads (both EasyScript and ProScript models).
  • Compatible with most browsers
  • Makes full use of Google Apps Script
  • EasyScript compatible
  • OmniScript compatible
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Compatible with all Scriptel Signature pads
  • Configurable signature styles


NOTE: If you have a ProScript interface (model number ending in a 0 or 5) you also need to install the latest version of ScripTouch OmniScript, found on the Scriptel Downloads page.

An installation guide for OmniScript can be found here. This does not apply to EasyScript interfaces (model numbers ending in 1 or 6).



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