This electronic signature utility enables “no client install” and cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility in browser-based applications with our pads.

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ScripTouch Assist is a helper app for the EasyScript 3.0 API

EasyScript 3.0 is an electronic signature utility, the result of continued enhancements to Scriptel’s popular EasyScript API. EasyScript enables simple plug and play, no-client-install capability with a signature pad. It is an ideal solution for browser-based applications that want cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility and no installed software maintenance headaches.

The latest version of EasyScript adds the ability for our EasyScript pads to switch between EasyScript mode and ProScript mode with a simple click using the ScripTouch Assist taskbar application. EasyScript signature pads with latest firmware can operate with applications using either our EasyScript or ProScript APIs.

Electronic Signature Utility Key Features

ScripTouch Assist gives you access to the newest features of the EasyScript API:

  • Change between EasyScript and ProScript protocols on the pad.
  • In EasyScript modes, turn data streaming on or off.
  • In EasyScript modes, turn data compression on or off.
  • Change the hotkey for ScripTouch Assist.
  • Encrypted signatures
  • Connect at USB level.

Installing and Using the ScripTouch Assist Electronic Signature Utility

  1. Download ScripTouch Assist by adding it to your eScriptel cart and checking out. There is no cost to download or use ScripTouch Assist.
  2. Install ScripTouch Assist by following these directions.
  3. To use ScripTouch Assist follow these directions.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 – 10
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.6+
  • 20 Megabytes of Hard Disk Space

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