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Because few industries document their customers as extensively as healthcare, increasing healthcare data efficiency is essential to providing better care. The combined forces of Scriptel and its distribution channel partners bring you significant expertise providing what is often considered one of the final or missing pieces in providing health care data efficiency: signature capture. We understand the delicate balance between streamlined processes, quality patient care and compliance with HIPAA as well as other regulations. We are fully committed to the success of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other healthcare organizations.

We understand the need to seamlessly integrate with the systems that our customers use in their everyday workflow. To better serve your needs, we have developed and will continue to develop integrations that support the most popular EHR products:

Epic Compatibility

Scriptel signature pads are fully compatible with Epic Hyperspace, through the use of the standard API incorporated in the Hyperspace software download (available here). This solution works with full client or VDI installation such as Citrix XenApp 6.5 and 7.6, or Microsoft Remote Desktop. Scriptel signature pads are all verified as Citrix Ready. For the full list of compatibility with Citrix virtualization products, click here. Scriptel supports all Epic Hyperspace versions from 2012 to present. Supported models include the Desktop LCD ST1500, the Compact LCD ST1550, and the Magstripe LCD ST1525.

It is recommended that users of XenApp 6.5 or Remote Desktop install ScripTouch Remote, in order to enable full USB forwarding. Instructions for getting ScripTouch Remote license as well as installation are available here. You will find additional information regarding Scriptel’s compatibility here.

eClinicalWorks Compatibility

For users of eClinicalWorks software, the Scriptel signature pads are fully compatible with eCW software.

Because of Scriptel’s EasyScript no client install interface, there is no installation of device specific drivers to your client workstation required as the pad communicates with the ECW software through most popular web browsers. Scriptel pads are even available to sign into ECW via MAC OSX and Chrome Books. You can learn more about Scriptel for eClinicalWorks here. Supported models that are compatible with ECW include the Slimline 1×5 ST1476, the Desktop 1×5 ST1401, the Desktop LCD ST1501, the Compact LCD ST1551, and the Magstripe LCD ST1526.

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