EasyScript C API  3.4.58
Platform Independent C Library for EasyScript ScripTouch Devices
Scriptel EasyScript Platform Independent C API

Getting Started

This library is designed to be integrated into your application to add Scriptel EasyScript device functionality into your application. This library supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. The library package contains several directories:

  • src - Source code for the library
  • vs2017 - Visual Studio 2017 Project to use for Windows builds
  • example - Example using the library
  • doc - This documentation

After building the library the only header you'll need is src/scriptel-easyscript.h. This can be used in combination with the built DLL/Shared library in order to add signature functionality to your application.


In order to use this library you'll need to build it for the platform and architecture you'd like to use it for.

Building for Windows

You can build the Windows DLL by using the Visual Studio project contained in the vs2010 directory. Open the project with Visual Studio and build the solution.

Building for Mac

You can build the dynamic library for Mac by using the Xcode command line tools. Use the Makefile.osx in the root directory for this API.

Building for Linux

You can build the dynamic library for Linux by using gcc and make. Use Makefile.linux in the root of this API.