Class: IdentificationTrackThreeData


This class represents the parsed third track of an identification card.

new IdentificationTrackThreeData()

Constructor, creates a new instance of this class.


cdsVersion :number

Specification version.

discretionaryData :string

Any additional information included by the issuer.

endorsements :string

Endorsement codes designated by issuer.

eyeColor :string

Eye color of the cardholder.

hairColor :string

Hair color of the cardholder.

height :string

Height of the cardholder.

jurisdictionVersion :number

Jurisdiction version.

licenseClass :string

The class of this identification card/drivers license.

restrictions :string

Restriction codes designated by issuer.

sex :string

Cardholder sex, M for male, F for female.

weight :string

Weight of the cardholder.

zipCode :string

Either full or truncated postcal code.