NEW! 3-Tiered Support: <em>Enterprise, Premium, Standard</em>

NEW! 3-Tiered Support: Enterprise, Premium, Standard

Posted: Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 12 pm EDT

Which Scriptel Extended Support Agreement Best Suits You?

Can you keep pace with technology and minimize downtime? Yes, says Scriptel.

The leader in digitizing technology solutions recently launched a three-tiered Extended Support Agreement program, helping organizations worldwide stay steps ahead of the competition and seamlessly adjust to rapid changes within their respective industries.

“Scriptel hardware and software end users … have a distinct need to achieve and maintain a ‘zero failure’ rate,” says Scriptel President & CEO Stephan Herron. “With our tiered support packages, you get the exact level of service and support you want and need—when you want and need it most.”

Enhance the internal and external user experience, while minimizing downtime, by choosing the Extended Support Agreement which best suits your organization’s needs. As health agencies transition to fully electronic health record (EHR) systems, for example, an increasing number of back-office computer systems and networks are then tasked with operating in sync—if they’re to perform well in tandem with one another.

The Enterprise level is suggested for health organizations and hospitals which deploy multiple Scriptel signature pads. That’s because sophisticated IT installations often require use of Citrix, VMware or both. Enterprise users get priority access to Scriptel’s technical team, during periods of critical need, and gain access to bonus utilities.

“With a range of technologies to oversee and manage already,” adds Herron, “in-house health IT staff feel understandably overwhelmed. Our trio of Extended Support programs solves that problem, by making sure everything goes off without a hitch. If those systems fail to ‘play nicely’ together, our new options ensure minimal downtime.”

Choose from among (3) robust Extended Support Agreement options:

Standardthe best in the industry
  • Applies to all Scriptel product purchases
  • Technical Support available 8am-5pm ET
  • RapidCare overnight replacement (contiguous U.S.)
Premiumwhen uptime is important
  • Standard-level perks PLUS all of the extras listed here:
  • + Registration/Certification of related systems
  • + Unlimited Remote Support 8am-5pm ET
  • + Priority service beyond Standard levels
  • + Physical Simulation Setup, as needed
Enterprisemission-critical support for mission-critical systems
  • Premium-level perks PLUS all of the extras listed here:
  • + Designated Key Engineers (Primary/Backup)
  • + On-Site Support for complex problems
  • + Software Customization via coding
  • + Free Scriptel Utility Software

Scriptel electronic signature solutions streamline patient registration, document management, and information security for improved UX at every level. The leader in capacitive pen and other digital workflow technologies, Scriptel consistently delivers high reliability backed by Industry Best service and unrivaled technical support.

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