MARCH 7: Scriptel mSign v2.0 Lets You Go Cordless!

MARCH 7: Scriptel mSign v2.0 Lets You Go Cordless!

Posted: Friday, March 2, 2018, 11 am EST

Untether & More Forward with Scriptel eSignature s/w Upgrades

You asked for it, you got it: Go cordless with mSign v2.0 from Scriptel Corporation. Enjoy untethered, USB-/cord-free use of our enhanced eSignature solution at the App Store for Apple, Google Play for Android, and, on March 7, when you can:

  • Quickly sign up and go mobile.
  • Expand your smartphone capabilities.
  • Get secure, reliable, end-to-end encryption.
  • Accept eSignatures in real time for improved UX.
  • Grow your in-house document management options.

If you’re installing or upgrading multiple devices, we suggest the “Enterprise” edition.

Scriptel’s digitizing products ease the burden of running a successful business, by addressing your needs in real time. As Liam Brown, et al., explain, in their Management for Professionals title, we all “must constantly measure, improve and course correct.”

They emphasize the role technology plays in improving UX and efficiency levels, as we “scan the technology horizon” to minimize risk and pursue opportunities. eSignature technology by Scriptel helps enterprise users in a variety of sectors do exactly that.

“The newest version of our mSign product improves the way business is done now and into the future,” says Scriptel President & CEO Stephan Herron. “You want to capture high-quality digital signatures. We want to help you do that … quickly and sensibly.”

mSign v2.0 lets you move your business forward like never before. In tandem with Scriptel’s software-integrated application programming interfaces (APIs), it facilitates wireless communication across public and private networks.

Android or iOS mobile devices can then be used to perform functions like those enabled by Scriptel USB-connected signature capture pads—untethered. Run multiple apps without worrying whether there’s a ScripTouch Compact LCD ST1550 nearby or available for use. Switch from one interface to the other, going mobile in seconds.

Scriptel’s rugged, reliable capacitive touch screen and electronic signature solutions dominate the digitizing hardware and software markets with a decades-long reputation for outpacing the competition in dynamic environments like clinical care and Point-of-Sale. Learn more at or by calling our Sales Team at (877) 848-6824.

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