JAN. 29-31, 2018: Meet Scriptel at the axiUm Annual Summit

JAN. 29-31, 2018: Meet Scriptel at the axiUm Annual Summit

Posted: Tuesday, January 2, 2018, 3 pm EST

Brush Up on Dental Practice Management in Vancouver with Us

Do you manage IT concerns for a dental practice or institution in North America?

If so, make it a point to meet Scriptel at the 2018 axiUm Summit Jan. 29 thru 31 (registration link). Brush up on dental practice management basics and gain one-of-a-kind insights into advanced dental technologies. The event will be held in British Columbia—Canada’s westernmost province—at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver located at 791 W. Georgia St.

This annual meeting of minds is organized by dental management software group Exan with emphasis on: customer appreciation, end-user networking and training associated with new developments spearheaded by technology giants like Scriptel Corporation.

“The Summit brings axiUm end users and IT managers face-to-face with dental practice management software and hardware developers,” says Steve Sedaker, Dir. of Strategic Marketing for Scriptel. “By encouraging an open dialogue, it serves to ensure that any strides we make today lead to lasting improvements for the dental community.”

Participation in the yearly Summit is limited to axiUm clients, who enjoy:

  • Day 1 – Peer-Led Presentations & Networking
  • Day 2 – Peer-Led Presentations & Networking
  • Day 3 – Training Sessions (pre-registration advised)

Summit attendees lead the industry and represent multi-practice enterprises, hygiene colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada. Many use Scriptel eSignature capture pads equipped with a ProScript interface in tandem with the axiUm platform on Windows or Mac operating systems to noticeably improve workflow and efficiency.

The axiUm electronic health records (eHR) system was created by Exan—a Henry Schein® Company. Exan notes that 88 percent of dental universities in North America use axiUm in their facilities and that 2,500 dentists (in North America and Europe) use axiUm to manage their practices. This, in turn, impacts thousands of patient lives.

“Exan’s reputation for developing software products which are easy-to-use, robust and secure is undeniable,” adds Sedaker. “We’re proud to partner with them again in 2018.”

Scriptel — a leader in digitizing technology, which includes Citrix-Ready eSignature pads compatible with most Zero, Thin and Thick Client input systems — provides support for dental professionals and IT managers by enabling them to quickly go paperless and by making easy work of electronic records management, in virtually any environment.

Challenge our staff with your questions at the Summit and learn more at Scriptel.com.



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